2 mm thickness of blue steel allows it to sustain high heat sources with a very good heat spread. Its handle is riveted (therefore very robust) and its French style curvature makes it easy to handle with one hand and the forearm as support. In other cases, there are several technics to clean the rust: 1 – Use of natural and soft acid method: fill your rusted parts with Lemon juice or Vinegar for 1 night, you. This quantity is invalid, please enter a valid quantity. When well seared, your food should not stick. From size 32 cm, Country Frypan comes with a second riveted circular handle made of Stainless Steel. DE BUYER COMBO #1 (up to 35% OFF): Buy 2 in Group A + 2 in Group B for $500 ), DE BUYER COMBO #2 (up to 34% OFF): Buy 2 in Group A + 1 in Group B for $700, DE BUYER COMBO #3 (up to 25% OFF) : Buy 1 in Group A + 1 in Group B for $1,000, FORGE DE LAGUIOLE HORN COMBO (up to 30% OFF): Buy 1 in Group A + 1 in Group B for $2,800, Best Sommelier of the World series {new version}, Chateau de Versailles series {new version}, LE NEZ DU VIN | wine aromas learning kits, CLAUDE DOZORME | Laguiole & Thiers cutlery, COMBEKK | Dutch cast iron pots {sales 50% off}, FORGE DE LAGUIOLE | Laguiole cutlery & corkscrews, The story & know-how of FORGE DE LAGUIOLE, {{shoplineProductReview.total}} {{'product.product_review.reviews' | translate}}, {{amazonProductReview.total_comment_count}} {{'product.product_review.reviews' | translate}}, Hong Kong + Macau - Home Delivery (S.F. Brand new pan received with rust? 2 – use of Potatoes + baking soda (or soap). When your pan will be well seasoned, this won’t be necessary anymore. Is it dirty? 1% Carbon) blued through a thermal treatment for temporary protection against oxidation. These timeless pans are ideal for High-temperature cooking. & FREE Shipping. Robinhoodcookware.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. In other words, the more the pan is used, the better its performance. Steel pans are not a Chef choice to stew or slow cooking dishes. This convex curve prevents pans from deforming and doesn’t spoil their cooking properties. We would therefore be grateful that you avoid returning your new steel frypan because of light rust. The darker it becomes, the better it is to get natural nonstick properties from your Steel pan and to protect it from oxidation (rust). Iron is a natural, non-toxic and needed Element for our body. Mineral B, de Buyer white steel pan collections, receives a natural Bee wax finish (de Buyer patent) to protect them better from oxidation than the pre-heating process. Please adjust your quantity. Drop water drops on the pan: if they act like balls rolling on the plate, it’s good! This will prepare the seasoning and protect it from rust. There is no coating on Blue Steel frypans. Then heat it up quickly to dry it. The unique blued iron possesses naturally non-stick properties and seasons gradually with use, preserving flavor and enhancing all future creations. Clean the frying pan with very hot water and a sponge. So first, don’t be scared, rust is not dangerous for your health, it is just not pleasant for the eyes. Seasoning your pan will develop a natural nonstick property. The more you use your pan, the quicker it will be fully seasoned. Until 2020-12-30T16:00:00.000+00:00 Merry Christmas : up to 20% Off ! Blue steel is just a white steel pre-heated during the industrial process to slow a bit the natural oxidation of iron due to air humidity. Established for more than 180 years, de Buyer takes great pride in its �Made in France� heritage, boasting the prestigious �GUARANTEED FRENCH ORIGIN� label. Robust iron construction is undeformable for a nearly unmatched longevity Measuring 28 cm across, this pan can be used to craft large multi-portion meals, and a variety of other treats easily and with a minimal number of dishes. The blackening of a Steel pan is a natural phenomenon called “Seasoning”, and that’s excellent. By reaching quickly and sustaining high temperature, Iron Frypans are simply the best and first choice of a Chef to sear and grill steaks, caramelize meat juices, onions and vegetables, brown potatoes, or perfectly fry fish. You will then have to start again the process. The seasoning process will protect your pan from it later. Mineral B, de Buyer white steel pan collections, receives a natural Bee wax finish (de Buyer patent) to protect them better from oxidation than the pre-heating process. With an unbreakable, riveted iron handle, the country fry pan is simple and sturdy to handle, guaranteeing no mess or mishaps in the kitchen. (Image 8). De Buyer's Force Blue country frying pan is an unmatched utensil for searing, sauting, and browning. And that’s easy to get rid of it. If sticks, it’s probably that it is not seared enough, or you started before your pan was heated up enough. Rinse and do it again and again until the rust disappeared. Not enough stock. That said, there are some MUST DO, and MUST NOT DO to maintain the Seasoning.


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