I mean when draw a PDF we get a horizontal straight line at 1. The fact that this is a probability distribution refers to the fact that different outcomes have different likelihoods of occurring. The continuous uniform distribution represents a situation where all outcomes in a range between a minimum and maximum value are equally likely.From a theoretical perspective, this distribution is a key one in risk analysis; many Monte Carlo software algorithms use a sample from this distribution (between zero and one) to generate random samples from other… The two basic types of probability distributions are known as discrete and continuous. A random variable is called continuous if it can assume all possible values in the possible range of the random variable. For example, a set of real numbers, is a continuous or normal distribution, as it gives all the possible outcomes of real … For example, if a city has a population of one lakh, and the death rate in car accidents is 500. Continuous distributions describe the properties […] Chapter 7 Continuous Probability Distributions 134 For smaller ranges the area principle still works; for example P()0 .

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