When completed, this form can also be used to monitor the schedule. Architect understands the scope of the project and the needs of the client. Memorandum to request QBS Template #3 “Statement of Interest and Qualifications” Page 1 of 3, Re: Request for Statement of Interest and Qualifications (SOIQ). Enclosed is a copy of Programing studies by Name of Consultant , completed for the project to date for your information and review. 3. State the size of the paper the submission should be on. State what consulting services are provided in the above contract and identify any consultants who will be retained directly by the client. Each practice will be allowed 45 minutes to present qualifications and to respond to questions. Include the name of the project, the contact person and the estimated/final construction value for the project cited above. 8 0 obj See 3.6.1 for comments if you are accepting e-mail or Fax submissions – provide an e- mail address and/or Fax number for which submissions should be sent to. Provide sufficient time to review submissions, do references checks, conduct site tours, receive project proposals, conduct interviews, refine the scope of the project with the selected architect, review fee proposals and negotiate contract terms. B. ft. expansion of existing 20,000 sq. A statement of any opportunities or constraints that you envision could impact the project or your proposal for services. To do this put the cusor in the “Total Score” box under each practice. 6 0 obj Questions from the architect will be accepted after the panel has completed their questions and if time is available. “Statement of Interest and Qualifications” Scoring Sheet, (Based on resumes for assigned staff and consultants.). A list and description of the proposed team members and consultants. 7 0 obj Provide any additional comments or requirements here so all architects are aware of these concerns. Hold interviews with short-listed firms, at times and locations previously communicated. Prior to the interview, practices selected to submit a “Project Proposal” will be invited to tour: the facility the project site. The architect selection process needs to be accounted for in the timeline. If you are not clear on this point, Architects can be creative and some submissions will be on sizes other than standard letter sizes of 8 ½” x 11”. Work with highest-ranked architect to develop and refine the scope of the work. This “weight” should be an indication of the relative importance the client places on the item being evaluated. 2.0 INTRODUCTION 2.1 Basics of Document A. 2. It is recommended that when the form is completed that it be saved to a new file name thereby keeping the original template without the fill-in fields being filled in. 3 Once the scope of services and the fee proposal have been jointly developed and agreed upon, the client and architect will execute a contract. The architect with the highest score deemed to be most qualified and compatible for this project will then be invited to prepare a Scope of Services and Fee Proposal for consideration. This contract needs to be reviewed and executed in a timely fashion prior to the architect commencing the work on your project. More about construction scope of work templates. [n��e��v������6]ާ�ׯ��vߺθ��(������n���u;7I��# 2.!Yw;Hv��(Ό��L�,li9�W�x����@��w�Έ�������5�o�����,���`R���z���^��!�i�Á�'���ǵ.��H�XG�\/ѺZ�2bg�(%�U�����Ia +��&�M�m�7I�ȎsCq�BpS�T-���I �9��'��&�#OZ��� =��Ĉ�b���pQ�k�,C�b���Mh�t(B9ѣH_��i�ď��Z��ɟ�Gˎ�,��~���A��v0s�(ѫƙ�-6Uw���DĐ���G���W1�w�2���*2�3iNɜȽ�2��Fa�0 {Q0���'���W|p9�3���E&E !b�&N�aL���g�$T�dJ\T��JDED��ɤ�(�'��BJ�P^�����|{� 4 0 obj Request Architect to prepare scope of services and fee proposal contract which is to be submitted to the client for consideration. Once all “Statement of Interest and Qualifications” submissions have been reviewed one needs to total the scores by all reviewers. When doing so the evaluation form will need to be adjusted to reflect those issues and concerns. When scheduling tasks be realistic in assumptions. Facsimile submissions are acceptable Not acceptable, E-mail submissions are acceptable Not acceptable, A tour of the site and/or facility has been arranged for, Please have your representative make arrangements for a suitable time by contacting: Name of Contact at area code - Telephone number, Interviews will be held on Day of Week, Month Day , 2010. The Contractor shall complete the scope of work described in the following sections, which may not be a complete listing, as well as all associated work shown or implied on the drawings. In simple words, a construction scope of work depicts duties and responsibilities of the construction contractor in detailed manner. (This toolbar can be added by clicking “View” – “Toolbars” – “Forms”) This will enable the user to modify the form or to copy the form onto your own letterhead. If at all possible Interviews of all architects should take place on the same day. Each template has the protection key turned on so the form can be used as a fill-in form. Architect understands the project constraints, Architect’s of other client related issues, 8.2 Proposed Project Team and Consultants. Client/Name of Company wishes thank you for submitting your “Statement of Interest and Qualifications” for the above noted project. 2. ",#(7),01444'9=82. Whereas construction scope of work is specially prepared for construction projects to tell contractors or project managers in details that what kind of construction work is expected. Deadline for receipt of “Project Proposal”.


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