If you’re feeling betrayed that she hasn’t gotten started on her redemption arc yet, you’re jumping the gun by at least two arcs! And by slapping down Shadow Weaver and trusting Catra with power and having her back on things she did with her own initiative and promoting her to his second in command; Hordak has cemented himself as “the Good Boss” who she’s motivated to do well for, to try for, to put in the effort for even when it hurts or it’s uncomfortable or she’s conflicted about it. divorce her. Sign Up. Blurring isn’t enough. i love how all the other princesses have literal magic powers and still aren’t as good at fighting as catra, who literally just has claws, anger, and nothing to lose. glimmer: im the queen right can I change their names?? i love this but consider: priest at adora & catra’s wedding: “Do you, Catrina Applesauce Meowmeow, take Princess Ad-“ glimmer: hold up. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She’ll just be one of the second-stringers to the girl the show is named after. This poison in her mind makes her see Adora’s love and support as patronizing. Multiple times. For crying out loud, just practice some actual opsec and don’t post photographs of activists. i love this but consider: priest at adora & catra’s wedding: “Do you, Catrina Applesauce Meowmeow, take Princess Ad-“ glimmer: hold up. hold the fuck up. Who knew? Troubled Cultivators: Yunmeng Siblings Edition (bc I heard today is JC’s birthday), would be cool if this curse of a tv series started, like, paying rent for living in my head 24/7, Finally finished this painting of an important moment in this au I’m working on ehehehe, take away yiling laozu’s flute and what does he have, Guess who got caught in a vine compilation loop today, Zuko for @chronicpainzuko’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire au, “No Prometheus-looking motherfucker is coming into my town and offering me a fucking stick! So to answer why I refer to Catra as a cinnamon roll, I can only point to the amount of time Catra spends crying. hold the fuck up. They all kind of touch on that same conflict, or similar ones. PAGES. And, like… just look at that. fucking die. Character starts out as a rivalrous henchperson to the “main” villain. Emma, 17, she/her, amateur writer. Right now she’s trapped, because she might not like the Horde but they give her the recognition she craves (and honestly kind of deserves; girl is incredible), and switching sides to the Rebellion would mean going right back to being the less important sidekick to Adora who everyone dislikes or hates or blames. And that may well be what the triumvirate of Catra, Entrapta and Scorpia wind up doing! Even the smallest details taken from across multiple pictures can be put together to make a close enough approximation of somebody to lead bootlickers and/or cops straight to them. hold the fuck up. Also, an edited second panel which I thought would also be very in character: lmao sorry for the spam I just forgot to post on Tumblr for like a week. No info to show. hold the fuck up. Any redemption arc would have to be handled so, so carefully, because her character will fiercely resist anything that treads on her buttons. Catra is all about the way pain twists you and leads you to make dumb mistakes– and then committing to them even when you realize what a dumb mistake it is. In retrospect I’d like to now declare this the funniest fucking Tweet of all time, it’s literally like playing a 12 yr old on Xbox Live, Arrested Development Voice Over: “He did not.”, given how noelle and mickey quinn and the crew have talked about catra, how they are both shaped by an abusive environment, #and how noelle has written things in the past, that catra is not going to end up being left out in the cold. Best Friend Squad is golden, i love them with my whole entire gotdum heart. legally?? The only way to be “as good as” Adora, for Catra, is to become her opposite. The entire prom episode? not to me, not if it’s you. They’re all Tal, and now they’re all Adira. i’m not kidding. mersephesie, Źródło: Favourites. At this point in the show, Catra is at about step three. Catra allowing ONLY ADORA to touch her? Before anybody goes all doom and gloom about Catra in She-Ra S3, I think we’ve gotta bear in mind that this is still a completely standard character trajectory for this type of show: 1. rocktheholygrail. wait. They’re antagonistic, but not really evil as such. Catra finally realizes this when she says to Shadow Weaver “After all I’ve done for you, it’s still Adora that you want?” This line is the beginning of her deciding to take her own power; it’s also the moment when she shifts from feeling mostly sad and betrayed at Adora’s defection, to being straight-up wrathful. nothing-more-than-hot-leaf-juice:. wait a fuc- or. Or quite possibly not even “the” sidekick, just “a” sidekick. And that kind of unpleasant truth is part of who Catra has become; baring those things and forcing them into the light.


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