Wiz: Let's compare some of Johnny's best feats to Falcon's. (That little baby knows her way) This is F-Zero! Popup: Its possible the explosion would have been even greater if Black Shadow had not forced the Reactor Might to close. Aliens are everywhere, we're travelin’ through space, and best of all, there's a brand new sport in town: An intense mix of high-speed racing with anti-gravity techno whatsits. He's extremely interested in Astronomy and it is the key to all of his scientific research. Cage stands up smiling and points his thumb down. The two then continuously punch and narrowly miss each other. Wiz: Well, he wouldn't be a pain forever. Boomstick: Uh, sure... That's not random at all. He developed simulations of the F-Zero races to develop a winning strategy. On one of the planet Big Blue's industrial buildings, the F-Zero Grand Prix is underway. Did you say YOU'RE the next Falcon? Wiz: Mortal Kombat is a deadly tournament dictated by the Elder Gods to decide the fate of entire worlds. - arleas. Heck, I even kept this song on my iPod too. Falcon tries to take advantage by unleashing his ultimate technique. Its contestants only include the best of the best, whether you're a four-armed beast intent on conquest, a ninja assassin seeking vengeance... Boomstick: Or a washed-up Hollywood movie star looking for your next big break. Falcon eventually recovers from the assault and starts coughing up blood as a glowing Cage slowly walks forward. Boomstick: But when they're also a kickass celebrity, all that matters is they bring the hype. Language: English Wiz: Black Shadow is a cold-blooded king of crime, determined to bend the universe to his will. LoboGuara5bruxaria/My Favorites Death Battles, Falcon Uncaged - Brandon Yates featuring RichaadEB, Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long, it became the #1 trending video on YouTube for short a time. Boomstick: Oh-ho, and he came up with the absolute perfect move. They both have the same name layout Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter, Tails "Miles" Prower. Wiz: Sort of. Forever he will be my hero Wiz: This power manifests not just as a shield against divine forces, but also as a mythical energy Cage can weaponize. As Johnny recovers from the attack, the Captain slides through him with his burning foot before turning around and launching him with the Raptor Boost. Despite Cage’s crude and downright juvenile behavior, he proved worthy enough to be a champion of Earthrealm. You have to be more subtle with your initial trolling effort, then let it escalate. Cage: You know what they say, "All's fair in show business!". It's possible that the character is a reference to Tails from the Sonic series. Wiz: Well, as evident from his other techniques, he’s not moving so fast he’s igniting the air or anything like that. Forever he will be my hero ...Did he just explode the galaxy?! Popup: It's worth noting Johnny has been killed by non-deities, such as Motaro, so his war cult powers don't strictly make him a god-level being. The ones that survive are the best of the best, including the champ himself, Captain Falcon! So it's definitely a desperate max power move. Boomstick: Oh great, here comes the "power of teamwork" bullshit. Color 4 Cosmic Dolphin Color 3 The resulting explosion from the attack sends shock waves through the racetrack. Example: Game Boy, Virtual Boy, Since he can't seem to get Sharon to like him, his last name (Getter) is likely a pun on the phrase "get her. I like games and anime. I should warn you though...I...despise the RE movie series, not a huge fan of the games either. Tbh that wasn't a very good song. Boomstick: Who cares? Check it out. Johnny charges forward and rapidly punches the Captain dive kicking him out of the area. He's also analyzed every past F-ZERO race and has subsequently devised a perfect equation to work with his self-built machine so that he can win the next race. Accounting for empty space, the amount of electricity needed to fill this area must equal at least one hundred fifty-one billion joules of energy. The Captain slides backward before leaping forward with his iconic Knee of Justice. F*** YES! Johnny Cage: Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole. Oh... it's the only movie that ever really made me cry. Oh, y'know, nothin' much. I'm gonna fight anywhere Sell custom creations to people who love your style. I live here! In due time.". Like when he finally beat Black Shadow once and for all. That's, like, a hundred sticks of dynamite in one. Wiz: You'd think there are better uses for a fragment of creation than powering a race car. Machine name Furthermore, both have access to powers from ancient sources that enhance their abilities; Cage's war cult powers and Captain Falcon's Reactor Might. I AM the special effects.


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