The engine was originally developed by a development team on Ubisoft Montpellier, including Michel Ancel, for their critically acclaimed video game Beyond Good & Evil, the main character of which, Jade, shares its name. Beyond Good & Evil, the award-winning action-adventure game by Ubisoft, is back on Xbox Live Arcade & Playstation Network, now in High Definition graphics. Beyond Good & Evil public relations manager Tyrone Miller stated that a rumor existed that she was the inspiration for Jade. Jade is the main character in the Beyond Good & Evil series. [4][5] When asked who he felt should portray Jade in a hypothetical Beyond Good & Evil film, Miller chose Shannyn Sossamon, stating that she looks and walks similarly to Jade. The Jade engine is a game engine developed and used by Ubisoft. According to the Priest It was stolen in the hopes that the High Priest, who must use Shauni's energy to survive, would die upon being deprived of it . She is recruited by the IRIS Network, which suspects that the Alpha Sections are behind planet-wide disappearances. It is up to you and your loyal pig friend Pey'j to save your planet and its inhabitants. Using the power, she is able to defeat the DomZ High Priest, though nearly losing control of her soul in the process, and revive and rescue those that have been abducted. The world itself combines modern elements, such as e-mail and credit cards, with those of science fiction and fantasy, such as spaceships and anthropomorphic animal hybrids, coexisting with humans. The player controls Jade and allies, solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and obtaining photographic evidence. Play as Jade, a young investigation reporter, and expose a terrible government conspiracy to save your planet and its inhabitants. [8] The same figure is also shown in a leaked development video from Ubisoft, escaping from a city. Investigative reporter, photographer and amateur spy, Jade is a multi-talented up-and-comer. She lives on the planet Hillys with her adoptive uncle, Pey'j. During the adventure, Jade is also aided by computer-controlled characters: her uncle Pey'j and the IRIS agent Double H. Jade can direct them via contextual commands to perform specific actions that she is unable to perform herself in order to advance through her missions. With her martial arts knowledge, she is able to infiltrate various government facilities and obtain evidence of human trafficking. He noted the character's design was adapted during production, and attributed her personality to the game's dialogue, voice acting, and visuals "coming together".[7]. [12] IGN editor David Adams praised her ability to register pity or horror with the subtlest of changes in expression. After rescuing Pey'j, transmitting her final report, and sparking a revolution, Jade confronts the DomZ High Priest. The game runs on the Jade Engine, created for Beyond Good & Evil and named after its main character. The same agent that drained them now serving a new master, Jade. She’s a brave photojournalist who sets out to uncover a conspiracy between alien invaders and her own corrupt government. [1] In an interview with Nintendo Power, Ancel stated that he hopes Jade maintains her values and personality in Beyond Good and Evil 2. When she runs out of money to power the lighthouse's shield generator, Jade takes a photography job cataloging all the animals on Hillys. Double H, a heavily built human IRIS operative, assists Jade during missions. Along came the Alpha Sections, an elite military organization, claiming to be the only ones able to defend the Hillyans from the DomZ. After confronting the DomZ High Priest on Hillys' moon, she learns that she is known to the DomZ as "Shauni" (incidentally also her IRIS Network codename), and was bequeathed with a spiritual power stolen from them centuries ago. In Beyond Good & Evil Edit. Michel Ancel, creator of the Rayman series, envisioned the game as the first part of a trilogy. Jade is a fictional character and the protagonist of the action-adventure video game Beyond Good & Evil. The sequel, Beyond Good & Evil 2, is currently in development. The original idea for Beyond Good & Evil came about from a glitch in, Originally Jade was a much younger woman name Sally, she also had a brother named Toy'l (whose model was eventually used for. Beyond Good and Evil™ Play as Jade, a young investigative reporter, and expose a terrible government conspiracy. The problem that occurred is that once the player is too far away from a particular object with an applied texture (most notable in the overworld Hillys), a lot of these textures collide with one another which creates a distorted effect. A Jade-like figure appears in a Beyond Good and Evil 2 teaser trailer, traveling with Pey'j. The player controls Jade solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and obtaining photographic evidence, as well as companions whom the player can control via button commands. However, the Alpha Sections seem unable to stop the DomZ despite their public assurances. [22] also cited Jade favorably, stating that "her down to earth demeanor, athleticism, and adventurous spirit make Jade a capable character suited to any task in Beyond Good & Evil's dark political story. However, with the HD-version, they forced the game engine to use the highest level of detail (LOD) on textures. [14] They also listed her as one of the top 20 most overlooked video game babes, stating that her "artsy-fartsy" nature and lack of upskirt potential is why she is so overlooked. She learns that her human form is apparently the latest vessel to hide a power stolen from the DomZ centuries ago (Shauni). Miller also describes her as a "girl next door" that people can identify with.[1]. [1] IGN editor Kaiser Hwang describes the change as going from an innocent girl with a tomboyish charm to a tougher, more weathered girl with multiple green-colored articles of clothing. Top Contributors: Sng-ign, Adam, Jonny + more. "[23] Entertainment Weekly's Darren Franich listed her as one of "15 Kick-Ass Women in Videogames", describing her as "a badass female main character. The architecture of the city around which the game takes place was designed with a rustic European style, but also takes inspiration from many other cultures including Chinese. The main antagonists are the DomZ High Priest, who is the chief architect of the invasion, and Alpha Sections leader General Kehck, who uses propaganda to gain the Hillyans' trust, even as he abducts citizens to sustain the DomZ. He wears a military-issue suit of armor at all times. She is a photo-journalist, and was created by Ubisoft developer Michel Ancel, with the goal of creating a character resembling a real person, rather than a "sexy action woman". These characters also have a health gauge, like Jade, and can be incapacitated if they lose all of their hearts. She is a photo-journalist, and was created by Ubisoft developer Michel Ancel, with the goal of creating a character resembling a real person, rather than a "sexy action woman".


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