Installation instructions included. The intonation point and string height never change as with many other designs. Callaham doesn't serve up anything like this. Seem absolutely perfect to me. If I could get a quality new (preferably Fender) replacement for < $40 if available (?). This trem can take hard rock and roll abuse and come back off the stage still in tune! I've always been happy with the Fender Am. This model is by far better than the FRT1001984, which is also available as a reissue as of this writing. I take it I can't cover the holes and do a traditional vintage style? All Rights Reserved. Unfortunately I think it's hideous. Metallor 6 String Vintage Saddle Tremolo Bridge Full Size Steel Block for Strat, SQ Style... Wilkinson Strat WVC-SB Tremolo Chrome 6-Hole Vintage Bridge Steel Block Trem, Callaham Vibrato/Tremolo Replacement Block - Vintage, HG 11.2 mm 0.441 inch Stratocaster Bridge Rider (String Spreading 2-7/32"), Callaham Vintage Telecaster Bridge, Enhanced-Vintage-Compensated Stainless-Steel Saddles. SO what is the best one. Guitar plays in tune! TBH I'm a fan of the simple Fender American Standard 2-point. NEW Bar Grabber Tensioner Upgrade KitRemoves the wobble in your BladeRunner or Maverick bar permanently!Click here for more information, Brent Mason Nashville Studio Session Master, James Ryan Australian Fender Endorsed Tremolo Stylist, Tom Hemby Nashville Studio Session Master, 946 Elkton Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, United States. Round & Rectangular Trampoline – Which Choose? The size is American standard 2 & 1/4 center to center. Next up, we have the Callaham Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge, … The depth of the block will fit most Stratocaster style guitars particularly thinner bodied models. HTML tags are not allowed. All the action happens inside the guitar. But I think the Mannmade 2020 is the one to beat. For any of our strat bridges to fit your guitar you first must have an 1 3/4 inch thick body (44.5mm). The saddles are easy to adjust and never tilt. You can drop tune and not have to re-tune all the other strings. Made in USA of stainless steel, won’t corrode! The FRX is a direct replacement for any stoptail-ToM bridge combination, but with all the features you’ve come to expect from your regular Floyd Rose unit (plus a few extra benefits). I had a Wilkinson in a Jackson I used to have. is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Will fit many Mexican Teles (see images for more information). 4-1/8” arm is similar in length to the extra-short arm on David Gilmour’s black Strat. The Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Baby, Some Tips for Using Trampoline Gymnastics Olympics, Trampoline Tent and Bed: Special Benefits You Should Know, What’s The Best Water Trampoline? If you break a string while playing, your guitar will stay in tune and you can finish the song. If you absolutely must have a shiny bridge dip it in Evaporust. ). NEW Bar Grabber Tensioner Upgrade Kit Removes the wobble in your BladeRunner or Maverick bar permanently! Sits flat, unlike stamped designs, for maximum sustain. from $31.49, 1 new also there arm system with the screw in the back that adjusts the tension feel is cool! Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. But nothing in my experience has been better then the MannMade. Boosts the lows and the mid range frequencies giving a fatter wider sound. Click here for more information Another vote for the Gotoh 510 Trem series. Does it really matter? "Strat" is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instrument Corporation (FMIC). You don’t have to drill, route or even nick or scratch the finish of your guitar if you want to install this trem (the optional locking nut needs two holes to be located, but the bridge itself needs nothing).


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