The devices are similarly suited for upholstery, carpet spots and stains, stairs, area rugs, and cleaning the inside of your vehicle. They are currently offering a $99 special and while it is a bit costly, if you want to hire a service that have been around for decades and have proven quality of service, then you should consider Stanly Steemers. In addition to its more extensive range of specialized attachments and cleaning solutions, Rug Doctor is capable of cleaning hard floors, which Bissell’s Big Green machine cannot do. If you have different types of flooring throughout your home or want your carpet to dry faster after cleaning (compared to air-drying), Rug Doctor will be a better option for you. Why choose a steam carpet cleaner instead of a regular carpet cleaner? Consumer Reports breaks down the costs of renting, hiring, or buying a carpet cleaner. rental Best Value. Bissell’s Big Green and the Rug Doctor Pro Deep Cleaner have similar features, including two-tank water systems, forward and backward movement, and relatively lighter weights (around 35 to 40 pounds when empty). Find your closest Carpet Cleaning Machine Rental Location & Rent a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Machine today! Why trust Rug Doctor? Each company offers one portable cleaning machine — the Bissell Little Green Pro Portable Deep Cleaner[1] and Rug Doctor Pro Portable Detailer & Spot Cleaner[2]. Leaks (including leaks of dirty water) may appear in heavily-used machines. Bissell’s Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine moves forward and backward, like a vacuum cleaner.[6]. These models are very similar in size, features, and usability. Overall Best Place to Rent a Carpet Cleaner For most renters, Walmart is the best place to rent a carpet cleaner. Easy-to-use and effective: cleans most rooms in as little as 20 minutes; Professional results at an affordable price; Regular deep carpet cleanings are essential to keep your house free of dirt, dust, allergens and other irritants that resist vacuuming; Exact pricing will be determined at store. They are the holders of the prestigious Gold certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). [1] Rug Doctor has two, known as the Pro Deep Cleaner and X3 Carpet Cleaner. And, if you run into any issues during your rental period, both companies do offer assistance to customers who are dissatisfied with their rentals. Cord length is important to consider because a longer cord can make your task less of a hassle. If the price is an important factor for you, note that the prices of Bissell and Rug Doctor rentals are comparable, but do vary somewhat by store. Buttonville. Similar to cord length, the clean water tank capacity is significant because it will determine how often you need to stop cleaning and refill the machine. After renting a rug doctor, you can also buy one. Upright Cleaners. • It’s a bit heavy, even with the wheels, so ladies may need some assistance lugging one of these into and around the home. BISSELL Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine cleans better, dries faster than the leading rental carpet cleaner. For options, see our list of carpet cleaning services (including eco-friendly companies). Carpet Cleaning Solution Reviews: Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions & Homemade Steam Cleaner Solution Car Carpet Steam Cleaners Compare your options in the table below, but keep in mind that the availability of accessories will vary by rental location. We have a look at Daimer and Vapor Clean steamers. We review the best portable carpet steam cleaner on the market. You’re likely to find both of these options at retail stores (such as grocery stores) in your area, depending on which store you visit — but which carpet cleaner rental is best? Carpet Steam Cleaners Ratings & Reviews A review of Thermax carpet cleaners and a close look at their Thermax carpet cleaner rental offerings. We look at carpet steam cleaning equipment and machines that can be used in your home, office or factory. However, Rug Doctor offers a wider selection of accessories, including an attachment for hard surfaces (which Bissell does not recommend using its carpet cleaning machines for) and a floor dryer. ©2013 - 2020 More Holdings LLC | All Rights Reserved. Most carpet cleaner rentals available near you will be either Bissell or Rug Doctor carpet cleaners. These can be food stains, outdoor stains, oil based stains as well as if you need to clean high traffic areas like carpeted stairs. carpet cleaner rental Arapahoe Carpet Cleaner Rental*6888 S Clinton St* Englewood,CO 80112* 720-450-0077 If you just want to clean a carpeted room (or rooms), either Bissell or Rug Doctor will work. We also conduct reviews of carpet steamers that are the best rated. If you’re doing an annual cleaning of large areas, such as complete rooms, look for either the Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner or the Rug Doctor Pro Deep Cleaner. However the Steam doctor machines clean at such a professional grade – it’s like a professional cleaning without the professionals. A review of Thermax carpet cleaners and a close look at their Thermax carpet cleaner rental offerings. The portable machines, Bissell’s Little Green and Rug Doctor’s Pro Portable, each have cord lengths of 15 feet. Renting the correct carpet cleaning equipment is dependent on your needs, the type of carpeting, flooring, area to be cleaned etc. Best carpet cleaner rental in Toronto, ON. Stanley Steam Cleaners: Honest Stanley Steemer Reviews, Carpet Cleaning Solution Reviews: Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions & Homemade Steam Cleaner Solution, Thermax Carpet Cleaner: Thermax Carpet Cleaner Reviews, Portable Carpet Steam Cleaner Reviews: The Best Portable Carpet Steam Cleaner, Steam Cleaning Carpet: Steam Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks You Don’t Want To Miss, Steam Carpet Cleaners: 6 Factors To Know Before Buying A Steam Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Steam Cleaning Equipment & Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines Reviews, Rug Steam Cleaners: Rug Steam Cleaner Reviews & Cheap Rug Doctor Steam Cleaner, Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner. We look at carpet cleaning solutions for pet stains, using vinegar, green and natural methods, commercial, professional and brand names. They even provide cleaning solutions according to what types of dirt, stains and areas you wish to clean. If you have a more specific cleaning need, such as furniture, spot cleaning, or a variety of surfaces, Rug Doctor will likely be the better option for you. Steam? How? They offer two main machines, the Mighty Pro® and the Wide Track®, where the Wide Track® has a wider cleaning path to enable you to clean a much larger space easily. GIVE YOUR CARPETS AND SOFT SURFACES A DEEP-DOWN CLEAN. All carpet cleaner rentals require you to purchase a cleaning solution separately. We compare the model availability, ease of use, attachments, and cleaning solutions of Rug Doctor and Bissell below. However, there are some usability features to consider when renting a machine, which we’ve outlined below. Providing you with the best options if you want to rent a carpet steam cleaner. SteamClean Pro. [2] The Rug Doctor X3 is the brand’s more cost-effective model and is heavier than the Pro Deep Cleaner or Bissell’s machine. Carpet Cleaner Rental, Carpet Cleaner Rental, Best Carpet Cleaner, Auto & Upholstery, User Friendly: 1.5 gal., 4 gal., 12 gal., w/heat! Rug Doctor has two, known as the Pro Deep Cleaner and X3 Carpet Cleaner. Bissell offers one upright model for rent: the Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine. Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Upright cleaners are best for covering large spaces, like entire rooms, while a portable cleaner might be best if you just need to clean your couches and chairs. An in depth look at carpet steam cleaner rental services and carpet steam vacuum cleaner rentals. An astounding 86 percent of reviewers give this one five stars for the way it makes carpets look newer and fresher. An overall deep clean every 3-6 months can remove stains and hidden odors and help prevent your pet from re-soiling. Check with the rental company to see whether they will give you a better daily rate for multi-day rental. Stanley steam cleaners have been known for 60 years and counting. • Work- Of course, you have to use the machine to clean all of the rooms/ areas. Please try refreshing. Both brands offer upright and portable models for rent, but their machines have some differences that may make one better than the other for your purposes. See an overview of the available options in the table below.


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