His performance in 2020 so far has been impressive too, scoring third place positions at both Genesis 7 and Smash Summit 9. Falcon is truly a great character in SSB Melee (despite his flamboyance) simply because he's so well balanced. The move can be used repeatedly, one after the other, and actually sends Falcon higher than his opponent. Head Editor and Statistician: Andrew "PracticalTAS" Nestico, Fact-Checking: Brendan "GimmeDatWheat" Malone, For the full, up-to-date rankings list, check out our main page. Melee . Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson is widely recognised as the best Pikachu player in the world and is often adorned in Pokémon attire to represent the electric mouse. He has had many impressive tournament performances, finishing 4th at DreamHack Austin 2016, Full Bloom 4, WTFox 2, Smash Summit 7, and Get On My Level 2019, 3rd at Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2018, 2nd at Smash Rivalries and DreamHack Winter 2017, and 1st at OpTic Arena and Smash 'N' Splash 5. Depending on their height, you'll want to use different moves. That said, you'll need to be quite tricky yourself. Mang0 is one of the Five Gods of Melee (Picture: Robert Paul). Now more than ever, Zain looks poised to break into the top 5, and if he can take down his demons Axe and Wizzrobe by the end of the year, he very well may blow past them all and take #1. Although his placings at Melee singles tournaments lowered over time, he is one of the few players to have defeated former Melee world champion Ken multiple times. Works like a charm. Shephard “Fiction” Lima originally started out as a Wario player in Brawl, but switched to Melee in 2013 and now mains Fox. He would ultimately double eliminate Hungrybox to take the prize, making Smash'N'Splash 5 the most significant major ever won by a Captain Falcon main. Just look up any wizzrobe set v a spacie. On the heels of the best year any Japanese Melee player has had since Captain Jack in the pre-Brawl days, Masaya "aMSa" Chikamoto has done more than … His Falco is unrivaled by anyone who plays the bird, and his ability to find unseen options in scramble situations is nothing short of art. Plup is on a comeback trajectory (Picture: Beyond The Summit). Also, due to his lighter state he's a bit easier to knock off of the screen. In every way, the world No. Another interesting fact about Falcon is that when he uses the Star Rod, it fires four stars at once. Hax's spacie punish game is a little lacking but much can be learned form his spacie edge guarding. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Mango for most overall? His ascent took place during the Five Gods era, where he became the first player to win against every member, including Hungrybox, Mang0, Armada, Mew2King and PPMD. 4 has defined himself in his own words — and on his own terms. His first place finishes at Full Bloom 5, The Script 2, and The Gang Steals the Script also quelled any naysayers about his record against the field. As a result, Isai is unquestionably his character’s greatest player. A tournament is held every weekend during the ranking period, and all players on the list are able to attend every event. Mango has further solidified his legacy at the top of Melee with his performance in early 2019, and hopefully he'll continue to shock the world with what he, and only he, can do. Finally, scores are rescaled to a 1-100 rating, which is displayed under each player's graphic. His first breakout win happened back at Shine 2018, taking down historic players like Mang0, Hungrybox, Lucky, and Drunksloth. To follow, please login or register for a GINX account. Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett has historically been one of Melee’s best players, known especially for his prowess with Captain Falcon. This was followed by a second place finish behind Axe at Smash Summit 8. PGstats is proud to present the latest Melee ranking, Summer 2019 #MPGR, in concert with Red Bull! At Genesis 6, Axe fought tooth and nail through almost every set, coming back from an early loss to S2J in a marathon run to finish 2nd. Incredibly, he also made top 8 in Smash Ultimate at the same event. He ultimately double eliminated Mang0, the player who had originally sent him to losers bracket, to win that tournament as well. If you do choose to use Falcon, use the taunt often. Now is the time. The No. Choose any of Nintendo's classic characters including Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, and many of the more obscure personas from the company's history then try to beat the crud out of the other ones. His win over Plup in particular was impressive, it being the first time Axe has defeated him in nearly four years. Our best tip we can give you is just to use Falcon's balance. Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett has historically been one of Melee’s best players, known especially for his prowess with Captain Falcon. Once they hit that point, however, Marth seems to beat all but the best Captain Falcon players. As Isai began to play Melee less, sandbagging when the opportunity arose and never practicing the game any more, new Captain Falcon players started to take his place. Will we see him claim first place at a major this year? Do not have an account yet? Following his win at Genesis 7 with Marth, he’s since signed with Golden Guardians and looks poised to assert his name in 2020. Destiny 2 Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt raid race: updates, winners, encounters, and more. For someone who has little height, use his double high kick. Origin: Falcon was thrust into the limelight when F-Zero launched on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) because he was the star character. Each panelist gives each player a score from 2 to 10, and the ratings are compiled into one overall average after suppressing the effect of outliers. Though some unsatisfactory performances have prevented Axe from reaching the very top of these rankings, anything is possible by the end of the year. Could 2020 be Hax’s defining year? 2 in the world. Your username is how other community members will see you. I just picked him up as a character a couple days ago and I want to find some good videos on youtube, but I'm not sure who to look for besides Isai. Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly highlights and competitions. Mango hasn't lived up to his expectations at every event so far this year, with an unfortunate 9th place finish at Smash Summit 8 reminding him that Melee's fresh talent is not something to take lightly. Since then, no Captain Falcon has won a national tournament featuring three or more top five players. His performances so far in 2020 haven’t quite matched what he’s capable of, although it would be foolish to count him out from Melee’s best. Wizzrobe cruised through winners bracket, defeating n0ne, Leffen, and aMSa to make it to Winners Finals. He started with a shocking run at Fight for Socal 2, where he beat Westballz, Shroomed, ARMY, and Fiction, and took a set off of SFAT in Grand Finals before placing 2nd. But when he's at his peak, no words can truly do justice to the beauty and efficiency of Leffen's play. In a change of pace, Axe made it to Grand Finals at Summit through winners bracket.


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