I think it’s one of the best beginnings Beethoven wrote for a slow movement: it’s an example of when he puts the listener into a “yoga-mode”, the music sets its own, slow tempo and our senses gets caught up in it. As you may know, it was used so perfectly in the masterpiece Full Metal Jacket: The whole song is built on just the five tones in minor going up and down, it’s what we remember the most and without it there would not be much left. I will have both a Steinway D as well as a Viennese Hammarklavier from the 1790s ( yep, that’s when Beethoven wrote this sonata) on stage, and will use them both to show the differences. Slow movement of the first sonata was in the same key but minor ( F minor), in the second sonata in D Major (the subdominant), but here, in a C Major sonata, Beethoven suddenly starts in…E Major! Relative minor is parallelltonart, exactly. In a comment on the post about the second movement of the op. Well, let’s look at tonality. It feels like angels talking to us. But see, now I can easily tell you that different movements in the same sonata would be in those keys, the “relatives”. Believe me, if he would have started in G Major (which would be the dominant of C Major), the effect would not at all be the same. Very philosophical It’s late! Tonality is an incredible power at the composer’s disposal. And, finally, “mechanical” teaching in harmony is not the way to go. There are also “relatives” in minor for G Major, mainly E minor and A minor. LIKE . This piano sonata was composed in Bratislava, in 1796, in November, during his visit of Keglevich Palace in Bratislava. 3 in C major, Op. Change ). It is easy to think of Beethoven and the development of the piano as mostly that he could play louder and faster. Kaan Baysal-Bach Prelude and Fugue No.4 in C sharp minor, BWV 849 Well Tempered Clavier, Book 1 - Duration: 8:05. I love this beginning, playing it and listening to it. 7 sonata, we still love to listen to men singing with unnaturally high voices, don’t we…. 7 sonata Anu asks about the development of the piano as an instrument, and how much it affected Beethoven to not have the same piano as we have today. 2 sonatas all contain four movements each, an unusual length which seems to show that Beethoven was aspiring towards composing a symphony. 7 sonata Anu asks about the development of the piano as an instrument, ... it’s both yes and no, Beethoven probably saw the future possibilities of the modern piano, and didn’t restrict himself to just write for the piano he actually had at his disposal. 2, 27 No. In this respect he was, I dare to say, more radical in his piano writing than anyone except maybe for Franz Liszt. This means that the bass line of an accompaniment is the most important thing here, in a way. But I think that the most important thing that happened to the piano during these times was that it attained the ability to sing. I think I know what you mean with the difference between older and modern pianos, the dullness of the tone and muteness of high and low keys ‘cos the tension of the strings was limited ‘cos the structure of the frame? In fact, just by playing the very first chord, the music signals a complete change: Why is this such a strong change? Ok, lesson over. How fitting. Op.2 No.3 Part two. They are called subdominant and dominant respectively. Piano Sonata No.3 Op.2 No.3 Ludwig van Beethoven. but they always know the musical…uhhh…consequences you could say, of all those harmonies. In a tonality, let’s say G Major, the G Major chord is, of course, the main chord, the one that defines the tonality itself. We won’t get into that here, but we should remember that the medieval universities had arithmetic and music under the same “course” (the quadrivium): arithmetic being numbers, and music being numbers in time .


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