All this makes it harder for the gate to move and open since it requires more power. Observe its behavior. By waving your hand in front of the photo eye, you will find out if it is working properly or not. Hire the help of a professional if you cannot identify the cause of the problem. The remote control needs to be kept in a good working condition if you want to make sure that it will be able to open and close your electric gate without any issues. You can check to see if the photo eye is working properly. 3. Cindy first took my call and was super helpful and friendly. If your gate doesn’t stop where it is supposed to it is mainly due to the limit switch nut or cam failing to hit the limit switch at the designated time. Power outages and failures will prevent your automatic gate from working. 2. Following are the 6 most common automatic gate problems: 1. There can be three causes for this problem. It is made to prevent the gate from harming any person, animal or object that might be on its path. professional automatic gate repair service, 5 Signs That an Automatic Gate Installer Should Not be Trusted, 3 of the Most Popular Types of Automatic Gates for Your Home, 4 Ways to Dress up the Entrance to Your Property This Spring, 4 Things to Look for When You Want to Buy the Highest Quality Automatic Gate, 5 Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your Automatic Gate. First check to see if the safety LED light is lit. For a swing gate you should check the gate arm for damage, as well as the hinges since they could be stuck or even broken. You should check from time to time and clean them with a dry cloth. My other contractor would charge extra to do the tune up. These are some of the most usual ones. Vermin and insects can climb into the dark spaces provided by the gate, causing an obstruction. They should thoroughly explain to the technician what the purpose of that gate will be so that the technician could recommend the most suitable gate for them. We just bought a home that has an electric gate and we wanted it repaired and serviced. If there is nothing wrong with the battery, then the problem is the transmitter itself. This might occur with Mighty Mule Gate openers. You may have noticed that if you try to open it a couple of times, it will finally work. 4. Review: Why the US Automatic Sentry 300 S is the best gate opener in the market? Scott came out and told me it just needed some tuning up and the actual opener was in good shape and one of the best ones. Sometimes, the gate becomes stuck in the manual mode and does not open and close automatically. I have to say that the service at Superior Gate Services was fantastic. While pressing the remote you should listen and wait for the click coming from the rec receiver. The best way to get your gate fixed is certainly to call a professional technician to fix it. Geckos and ants seem to be a common issue which prevents an automatic gate from opening/ closing. To get ideas and to see some recent examples of our work, take a look at our gallery page. The gate is not reacting, moving or making any sound, 3. This will put it back in its correct place. We will be using them again and would definitely recommend them. Try changing the batteries with the new ones. Make sure to look at the loop detectors when you turn the motor on. There could be a battery issue which means you will have to change the battery. This way the technician will be able to provide you with the best solution for opening and closing of your gate. // .

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