The electric discharge technology used in this product also makes the light beam more adjustable. The yellower it gets, the more it limits your visibility. With improved in-house temperature controls and fans, you can face any obstacles that the open road can throw at you with peace of mind that your headlights are up to the challenge. The blue top coat adds... Clear Halogen Replacement Bulbs by PIAA™. Before you choose the best aftermarket headlights that are well-suited to your discerning taste, you need some information about the different headlights available out there. To better aid you in making a decision, here are the details of the top six best aftermarket headlights: The XenonPro LED headlights are powered by super-charged LED chips and intelligent LED drivers, making them brighter, more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than any other bulb on the market. With the motto of see farther, see wider, see better, you can be sure that you are in the right hands. Why is it so important? Each bulb is guaranteed to pack a punch within their compact frames. The XenonPro LEDs also come equipped with a silent micro-fan that will keep your lights and headlight housing nice and cool, and the intelligent LED drivers will regulate the power draw to prevent overheating or harm to your vehicle. PIAA Corporation has been designing and manufacturing high quality halogen bulbs for nearly a half-century. Let its performance speak for itself, because with Sylvania Silverstar Ultra headlights, night vision is a thing of the past. It is energy efficient, requiring a fraction of the energy needed to power halogen bulbs and it does not produce heat when it emits light. The hue of the light varies. These bulbs produce a combined 9,000 lumens of brightness, nearly 30% more than the next best aftermarket headlights and with a patented anti-glare technology that ensures you won’t be blinding other drivers or getting into trouble with law enforcement. Don’t let the night slow you down! Crystal Vision Ultra is the only model that is housed in a blue-capped bulb that creates more reflection in the headlamp reflector. What do you feel? EVO lighting products from CIPA are on the cutting edge of the lighting industry. Each function, each kind, has different characteristics that make one a great contender depending on your car’s needs. For safe driving in darkness, both Halogen and HID bulbs should be replaced periodically. Solar Yellow Headlight Replacement Bulbs by PIAA™. A clearer illumination reduces the need to squint and eye strain associated with harsh lighting conditions. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Our upgraded Halogen bulbs will allow you to see pedestrians, parked or disabled vehicles, road hazards, and animals wandering across the road far up ahead and to either side of the road, so you have plenty of time to react accordingly. Affiliate Disclaimer: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Also, due to the presence of the filament that easily corrodes, the bulb will eventually stop emitting light faster than other headlights like HID. Increase the visibility and brilliance of your vehicle's lights with a SilverStar Mini halogen bulb that increase brightness by up to 30%, whiteness by up to 20%, and outward/peripheral... Daytime Running Light Replacement Bulbs by Putco®. It comes in a variety of designs and styles to better compliment your car. Fueling the lamps is a gas that is constantly burned to create a light beam that will illuminate the paths ahead. If you need a headlight bulb that will outperform your factory-installed one, go for the Spectras bulb by EVO lighting. However, as HID bulbs age that light can turn blue and actually produce less visible light. There's a problem loading this menu right now. What is important is that you prioritize what you need. Due to its better ultraviolet transmission capability and noted purity, this glass is considered one of a kind and highly specialized. The XenonPro LED headlights are powered by super-charged LED chips and intelligent LED drivers, making them brighter, more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than any other bulb on the market. Increase your vehicle's light output and improve your nighttime visibility and safety with just a bulb change! These bulbs also provide a whiter light, which puts less strain on your eyes and makes road signs easier to see. The halogen inside the bulb reacts with the tungsten alloy to keep the glass clear and the beam constant. Our LED headlight bulbs produce a much brighter light with a wider beam, so you can see the road better for safer driving, without blinding oncoming drivers. On average, what would be considered a respectable headlight would play with a color temperature of 5000K to 6000K and a 55W to 65W light. From bicycles, cars and even airplanes, the headlights are a normal feature to be seen. All manufacturer names, symbols, and descriptions, used in our images and text are used solely for identification purposes only. The Solar Yellow bulb is the next step in the evolution of yellow lighting. Recent technology also made it more responsive and adaptive. The second thing that would be beneficial to you is to consider what you need. It can also light directly ahead with minimal glaring due to the spread of its light beam to the side and in between cars. If you love driving off-road maybe what would be more useful for you is something that produces a bright clear white light to increase visibility and to help you avoid obstacles along the road. Upgrade your lighting with these superior-grade Performance halogen bulbs to see through the darkest nights. Made utilizing the newly developed Vivid-Coat technology, the bulb allows more light to pass through the... Super Plasma GT-X Headlight Replacement Bulbs by PIAA™. If you are more interested in something that not only illuminates clearly and well but is also durable enough to function at its best under extreme conditions, then this OPT7 LED Headlight is made for you. PIAA scientifically engineers bulbs to exacting... Alfas Halogen Replacement Bulbs by EVO Lighting®. Because with Philips’ Crystal Vision Ultra, you can be sure that road safety is the priority. By doing so, you could prioritize and focus your search for the best aftermarket headlights that have the specific characteristics you are looking for. Quality begins with the design. Lastly, you should also note its wattage. This a great low-cost plug-and-play replacement bulb for your vehicle with bright light output but still falling within DOT guidelines. The tungsten filament reacts with the halogen gas, producing a brighter light than using the standard gasless bulbs that the industry was used to. But, each type of headlights has their own specific advantages and disadvantages. But, accompanied with its more efficient light production process, HID headlights have a notoriety of producing glare that limits other drivers’ visibility on the road. You can rely on EVO automotive lighting to provide the most light from the least power. to stay up-to-date on our promotions, discounts, sales, special offers and more. The Super Plasma GT-X bulb is a high-output replacement bulb designed to give the driver better color recognition, depth perception, and improved contrast over stock halogen... Made with … These bulbs feature a special blue partial coating that allows for up to 80%... Standard HID Headlight Replacement Bulb by Philips®. Due to its hassle-free 20 minute installation and no-nonsense design, it truly deserves to be one of the best aftermarket headlights that you can buy today.


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