This book provides a good overview of Arendt’s perspective on Kant’s political philosophy. But this extensionalizing leads to untenable results in some cases and is not consistent with the fact that Quine himself admits confirmation which includes probability. c. Biological possibilities are more open-ended. A skyhook is an imaginary device that is attached to the sky for the purpose of lifting or suspending objects—an imaginary device because it is impossible; a crane, on the other hand, is an actual device that, with adequate design, is useful for lifting or suspending objects. His writings almost entirely consist of short, elegant, and often witty papers. Davidson made contributions of lasting importance to a wide range of topics – from general theory of meaning and content over formal semantics, the theories of truth, explanation, and action, to metaphysics and epistemology. There are separate chapters on names, necessity, rule-following, and private languages; so a syllabus could make use of these individually depending on need, rather than the entire book. a. The Tower of Generate and Test - an oversimplified account of how the brain developed to enable organisms to find better and better ways of functioning, a. Darwinian creatures - functioning and then succeeding or failing through Natural Selection, b. Skinnerian creatures - blindly trying different actions and retaining those that are reinforced. I examine some criticisms addressed to it, which show the role of modalities and probabilities in science and argue that Quine’s treatment of probability minimizes the intensional character of scientific language and methods by considering that probability is extensionalizable. Phenomenology is the study of the phenomena of experience. Ch.1 involves a overview of three dominant views of perceptual warrants: liberalism, conservativism and moderatism, so it could be a useful reading material for teachings on epistemic justification and perceptual warrant. This would be very useful in a course on philosophy of language, the work of Saul Kripke, a course on metaphysics which dealt with essences or the necessary a posteriori, or a course dealing with Wittgenstein’s views on rule-following and private languages. 1. B. Memes - I find the concept of memes fascinating; but I do not think that they have the substance of genes. For similar reasons, modern results such as the completeness of formal systems and the categoricity of theories do not have for Frege the same importance they are commonly taken to have by his post-Tarskian descendants. a. Example B (an instance of historical possibility): ". Publisher’s Note: Does scepticism threaten our common sense picture of the world? Some of his most well-known works are, This page is based on the Wikipedia article. A. Affinities with Dennett - Generally, I strongly agree with Dennett's philosophical approach to problems through reasoning and science; and I agree with his naturalistic approach as well. if double-stranded DNA happens to begin to develop, it opens up opportunities that are dependent on it." While György Lukács's History and Class Consciousness and Karl Korsch's Marxism and Philosophy, first published in 1923, are often seen as the works that inaugurated this current. The direct awareness of consciousness (a redundancy) is a sufficiently universal experience to warrant a strong claim as a dimension of reality. ", harvnb error: no target: CITEREFLeiter2007 (, The above list includes only those movements common to both lists compiled by, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFCritchley2001 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFGlendinning2006 (, List of philosophers born in the nineteenth century, List of philosophers born in the twentieth century, The Columbia History of Twentieth-Century French Thought. Abstract: William James’ Principles of Psychology, in which he made famous the ‘specious present’ doctrine of temporal experience, and Edmund Husserl’s Zur Phänomenologie des inneren Zeitbewusstseins, were giant strides in the philosophical investigation of the temporality of experience. Occupying a less central but nonetheless important role in Frege’s work are claims about failures of entailment. . As a critique of artificial intelligence, his insistence fails; and as a critique of evolutionary algorithmic development of the mind, it fails as well. b. A nice historical example of foundationalist epistemology – good for a course on Frege or analytic philosophy more generally, or as further reading in a course on epistemology, to give students a historical example of certain epistemological subtleties.


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