None of our articles are sponsored. What do you think of our shopping guide? Acetone is a product that, surely, you have always seen around your house. They are ready for the next one! Here we go! 100% pure professional Acetone nail polish remover contains no additives such as dye, fragrances, or oils which can cause contamination of the nail enhancement resulting in premature lifting. In this case, the smell will be milder and you will probably have to use a larger amount of the product and rub your nails for much longer to remove it completely. It is ideal for both natural nails and gel or acrylic nails. For this reason and due to the high volume of this presentation, it is recommended for use in beauty salons and for manicure professionals. All rights reserved. Although acetone is the queen of enamel removers, there are currently options that allow this to be accomplished without including acetone in the formula. We encourage you to leave us a comment and share it on social networks. Thus, as long as you remove the enamel from your nails, you will not feel uncomfortable due to the smell that this type of product usually gives off. If your concern is that your nails look healthy, this article can be an excellent option. We promise to keep it interesting. DirectionsTo Remove Artificial Nails: Clip artificial nail down. It is a transparent liquid (as long as it is at room temperature), with an intense and flammable odor. 100% … Thus, it is used to remove impurities from the tissues. 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover. It doesn’t work very well with dark colors. Of course, although it is a well-known product among many women, the truth is that it is convenient to know certain specifications for optimal use. But that is not all, because it is a solvent not only indicated to remove normal nail polish, but also to use even if they are artificial. It is ideal for both natural nails and gel or acrylic nails. It is suitable for beauty salons, but also for private use. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. In the textile industry, acetone is widely used precisely for its solvent action. Finally, it is a compound present in the pharmaceutical industry for its many uses. This time we talk a little about both and the aspects that differentiate them. It is also the option used to remove gel nails and dark varnish. Acetone is a chemical that occurs naturally in the environment, such as in trees or plants. It helps you easily remove conventional nail polish, sculptural acrylic nails, complicated glitter polishes, or nail … Copyright©2019, Onyx Brands, LLC, All Rights Reserved, Website design and build by soda creek digital. Thanks to these products, it is very easy to change the tone of the nails, since a few minutes are enough to say goodbye to the current one. Due to its characteristics, it manages to quickly and easily remove different types of nail polishes, such as acrylic, dip, and gel. The Cutex brand is one of the most recognized on the market in the field of nail polish removers, hence it is not risky to say that perhaps this model is the best value for money acetone. In this way, you will reduce the risk of your nails and fingers getting dry. All this while effectively removing the remains of enamel without damaging or cracking your nail. Just moisten a cotton ball with the acetone and rub on the nail, from the cuticle to the tips. ©2020 Topco Associates, LLC. Among your beauty supplies, acetone is one of the essentials, especially if you are addicted to nail polishes. With acetone. Remove Nail Polish: Moisten cotton balls and massage nail bed, pressing firmly from cuticle to nail tip. Best 50mm lens for Nikon Canon Sony and other Digital Cameras, Best video games for Xbox One Elite, One S and Xbox 360, The best ceramic markers and tips for using them, The best technical drawing pens and fine tip markers, The best markers for whiteboard – erasable markers to buy, The best fountain pen inks – essential for our fountain pens. Acetone’s solvent character acts on the nail polishes, completely disintegrating them. Our editorial team spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and comparing products to find the best value for money. Shop for acetone nail polish remover online at Target. Takes off nail glue and glitter polish with ease. In addition, it is accompanied by a formula specially indicated for the most sensitive skin, thanks to the moisturizing agents that compose it.


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