Boost cooler water injection stage 3 TD LCD (3 L tank)

Boost cooler water injection stage 3 TD LCD (3 L tank)
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Boost cooler water injection


Through the boost cooler™ water injection charged (Turbo/G Loader/compressor) engines can achieve a performance improvement of up to 10-25%, without thermal overload of the engine. Furthermore, the boost cooler demonstrably reduces your engine specific fuel consumption.


The patented high pressure pump injects additional water or water/alcohol (<50% methanol or bio-ethanol) into the hot charging air. The evaporating fog reaches an extremely effective intercooler ("evaporative cooling"), the charge air is cooled down up to 60 ° C.

The not completely evaporated water or water/alcohol mixture is pumped into the connection into the combustion chamber. At the evaporation process which previously injected liquid the diesel fuel is "split" and the result is a very fine mist of diesel. This creates more power, because the diesel is fully burnt and not partly still burning or unburnt when exhaust gas is derived. When changing the states of water into steam the volume increases considerably. A higher engine torque ("steam expansion effect") is caused by the expansion of steam in addition.

In addition to the thermal relief you achieve an additional increase in performance, even when your car was chip-tuned before.


Award-winning system - our top model!
Intelligent 2D-Steuerung boost pressure and exhaust gas temperature (can be paused)! The enclosed 2D-mapping controller will vary the injection quantity flexible to the flue gas temperature and the loading pressure. Thus, an optimized injection quantity at all load conditions is achieved.

The boost cooler™ is unmatched in the atomization. The liquid is swirled within the spray nozzle with supersonic speed before it is forced through the venturi™ opening.

Easy setup and everything in sight

The enclosed cockpit display shows the current boost pressure, exhaust gas temperature and injection quantity  (EU display in C ° and bar).
Furthermore, it allows you to make fine adjustments easily from the driver's seat.
Variable injection by means of flue gas temperature and pressure
For an optimal injection quantity the stage 3 TD evaluates the boost pressure and exhaust gas temperature. If the exhaust gas temperature rises in spite of constant boost pressure, as in the case for example in the train - or trailer operation, the boost cooler fuel injection qunatity is adjusted automatically. So, the exhaust gas temperature (thermal stress) of your engine is reduced efficiently.
The EGT/AGT shall of course is included with your stage 3 TD system.
Advantages at a glance:

• Electronically controlled injection with pressure
• Systems for virtually any turbo diesel (TDI/TDCi/TDS/etc) of approx. 80 - 2000PS available.
Possible more power and torque by up to 15-25%.
• Reduction of the thermal stress of already modified turbo diesel such as chip tuning.
• Reduction of exhaust gas temperature (EGT) of up to 120 ° C - ideal for tuned engines or trucks.
• No charging pressure loss as in conventional charge air cooler, combined with an excellent efficiency!
Additional cooling of the charge air of up to 60 ° C possible.
• Reduction of specific fuel consumption by up to 10-15%
• Reduction of the Stickoxyd education & Rußaustoß at full load acceptance, optimal supplement to DPF.
• Deposit free combustion chamber and intake tract, without formation of oil coal.
• Easy installation

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